RestAssure BBT-2 Professional Crème Brûlée Torch; Versatile, Perfectly Angled Flame Cooking Torches

RESTASSURE BBT-2 Culinary Butane Torches are durable, lightweight, stylishly designed, and ready for every day kitchen use as a Cooking Torch.

It is the ‘MUST HAVE’ chefs torch or home cooking torch if you’re wanting to impress. Ever looked at those glossy Creme Brulee Recipe Book pages and wanted to get into making it yourself? Now you can! This cooking torch is easy to operate and sufficiently powerful with a big 6-inch adjustable flame for all your caramelizing, heating, melting, searing or browning needs.


• Best kitchen torches for Creme Brulee!

• Caramelize or brown your desserts

• Brown meat, melt cheese or marshmallows

• Roast red bell peppers or eggplant. Skin tomatoes.

• DIY: Light BBQ fires, birthday candles; soldering, electrical heat shrinking, paint stripping, melting stuff

• This stylish Culinary Torch is reliable, fast and efficient.


• 6-inc