Kitchen torches are very similar to other types of burners, except that their size is much smaller and use a different type of gas. The burner works by using canister filled with propane butane, creating a hot flame on top of a metal tip. The kitchen burner is used for baking to brown the exterior of the dish, without the need to be fired inner part. In this way it is achieved a crunchy brown crust.

Kitchen burner is most often used to caramelized sugar on the surface of the famous creme brulee or colored brown so-called mershmalous candy.

How to actually use this unpopular kitchen appliance?

Place the pan or dish with an appropriate dish surface that sure will not be damaged by the heat.

fitted kitchen torch to the gas bottle, following manufacturer’s instructions. In most burners simply need to open the handle and place it on the nozzle of the gas bottle.

Place the slider that adjusts the fiery stream or change the switch position.

Press the shutter button on the kitchen burner pointer to start the flow of gas, while light the flame in front of the burner using a lighter or match. Use long matches or a lighter special kitchen to not have your fingers too close to the nozzle.

Hold the flame of about ten centimeters from the dish as gain brown. Carefully watch how it changes its surface – as soon as the section which produce hot start browning, move the flame in another area. Continue in this way until the entire surface of the dish browned.

If you like creme brulee would hardly forgotten crunch of crispy caramel crust and sinking of the spoon in a velvety smooth texture of the cream underneath. Indeed, the way it looks this classic dessert brings much pleasure in consumption. To create irreplaceable crust should only slightly touch the surface of the cream with powerful flame on the kitchen burner. The only disadvantage of this type of kitchen helpers is that in order to produce a flame durable high intensity need frequent recharging.